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A Bridge Between Worlds

Your portal to the ultimate metaverse experience.

Welcome to Your Metaverse

Enter A New Reality

People say the metaverse concept is a moving target, and it’s impossible to lock down a specific definition. We disagree.

The metaverse, simply put, is life. Action, entertainment, business, creativity — life is a mosaic made from many different pieces that come together to form a whole. We provide the space, our partners and users provide the pieces.

Through Metaversol, our partners can immediately connect with every partner and user on our platform. Create your project’s paradise. Build your business. Escape the mundane. Join us.

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construct your own reality

This Is Your Chance To Build

The Expanse is a digital universe built completely by our partners and users. Using our proprietary technology, we empower the citizens of the ‘verse to customize everything about their experience to their liking.

This isn’t just a place to play games or showcase NFTs. The people and projects of Solana gather together to do business, build communities, and transform their reality into something entirely new.

Design your own world. Develop your own personalized experience. Anything can be done within The Expanse, the only limit is your imagination.

Metaversol NFT Passes

Minting Now At 3 SOL

The Expanse is a free-to-play, play-to-earn experience. Passes are not required to join in. Instead, they are designed to provide the ultimate quality of life experience inside the ‘verse.

The key to your own condo. The rights to build in the central gathering point in the universe: The Hub. Holding a Metaversol Pass provides users with a large number of perks, most of which will be paid features as time goes on, at no additional charge. As we release more features, more perks are added, and the value only goes up.

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