Building & Construction in the Metaverse

The metaverse, or at least some of the metaverse projects, will not only design and develop amazing experiences and games for users, but will even let users build their own places and things in the metaverse. With the ability to build structures, create art, and customize the metaverse, it’s surely going to be an interesting world to explore.

Ways to Build in a Metaverse

Building the metaverse isn’t just for developers. With metaverse games like Sandbox, Decentralanad, and our own Metaversol allowing for users to build on their land or property, we’ll soon see a wave of innovation from creatives. It’s not necessarily about building structures, but coloring and texturing them, teaming up with neighbors to build mega-structures or keep a theme, and more. It’s of course dependent on what your favorite metaverse project allows you to build, but most have good flexibility and more in development.

Construction Companies in the Metaverse

Will we see typical construction firms transitioning to the metaverse for building contracting? Probably not in large volume, but we do see architecture of the metaverse becoming a growing trend, and not only just developers and 3D model designers, but also actual architecture firms have been expressing interest in the technology.

Building Home & Business Structures in the Metaverse

What do you want to build? A dream home? A business? Or do you just want to create an artististic feat of engineering and architecture in the metaverse? In many cases, you’re only limited by your time and imagination. The benefits of construction in the metaverse include no need for the heavy cost of physical supplies, better for the environment, and the ability to build and destroy things very quickly.

We see in some metaverse lands users building businesses, from a simple billboard marketing exposure type business, to more complicated casinos and video gaming areas. With the more established metaverse games like Sandbox metaverse projects seeing over 2 million users, they can be a good venue for certain businesses to purchase or rent land and visually promote their service or product. 

At Metaversol, we are taking a different approach to land ownership and building in the metaverse. We have NFT Passes, with a Metaversol Credit based-system, which allow for users to claim their land in the Central City Dome area, and have different levels of the passes, each allowing for a different maximum amount of placeable items on their land and/or designated condominium area in a separate Residential Dome. Bronze Passes have 125 Placeable Items, Silver 250, Gold 500, and Platinum 1000. This allows for a variety of interesting dynamics in building and decorating real estate in the metaverse. It’s been a very fun and exciting experience to see users fill in the metaverse land Map as seen here.

metaverse land map from metaversol