An Essential Guide to Avatars in the Metaverse

Who will you be in the metaverse? This question has many layers to it, and can be answered based on personality, creativity, or aesthetic representation (which may also be a reflection of your personality and creativity!) Today we’ll be looking deeply into metaverse avatars, which are primarily the aesthetic representation of you in the metaverse. How you look, and how people see you. The fun thing about the metaverse, is that you can have many avatars, perhaps based on how you’re feeling on a certain day, or what community you are interacting with.

Making Yourself Into an Avatar in the Metaverse

In the future, we will likely see a wide variety of avatars in the metaverse. From “create your own avatar” based upon cartoon-like options, to full body and face scan “import yourself as an avatar into the metaverse”, we’ll likely see those types of personification. 

Most Popular Ways to scan yourself as an avatar into the metaverse:

  1. Use a service like Ready Player Me, which uses a picture of your face to import onto a body that you customize to fit yourself.
  2. Use a 3D avatar scanner like METAHERO – which uses 200 cameras to capture real world people and items into metaverse-compatible 3D file formats.
  3. Use your artistic and design skills to create your own avatar art of yourself, in the art style you prefer, using a compatible file format and computer program or app.
Wolf Digital METAHERO Chamber
Pictured: Wolf Digital METAHERO Chamber

Choosing Your Favorite Character or NFT as a Metaverse Avatar

For many in Web 3.0 and the metaverse, anonymity is a core value of the ecosystem. This means we will likely see pfp (profile picture)-type avatars of a variety of art. Surely you’ve heard about the common themes of NFT projects, often animal-derived profile picture NFT projects are the most popular. NFTs profile pics are a Web 2.0 way of having an avatar, while the Web 3.0 way will be having them as your character avatar in the metaverse.

Alternatively, your avatar doesn’t need to be an NFT, and can instead simply be a 3D file that represents your favorite video game or comic character. We could see video game projects that provide a downloadable avatar for your favorite metaverse use, or we could see those that are tied to movies, comics, or tv shows. Who wouldn’t want to run around the metaverse as a Disney or Marvel character? But of course, that’s up to the people that hold the rights to those characters, and we will definitely see some memorable characters born in the metaverse.

metaverse avatar from Metaversol
Example of Avatars in Metaversol Metaverse

How Can You Use Metaverse Avatars?

The obvious use case for metaverse avatars is to personify yourself and represent yourself in the metaverse. But that’s not the only way they may be used. We see a future for avatars where points and attributes are assigned and tracked onchain (on a blockchain) Where avatars can change clothes, look and maybe even size in an instant, depending on the environment or other conditions. An avatar future where guides may have a literal glow to them or other highlights, where players in a metaverse game can instantly swap color clothing if they swap teams in the game. 

Access by avatar is another interesting concept. This usually relates to NFT avatars, as they allow for independent verification of ownership. The user who owns a certain NFT avatar could be granted access to a special place or club in the metaverse, allowing for premium and customized experiences from related brands and collections.