Frequently Asked Questions about the Metaverse

Metaversol is the company behind The Expanse — A free-to-play, play-to-earn Metaverse experience that is designed to bridge the gap between imagination and reality.

Yes, but none are really taking the approach we are. There are a lot of projects that have a game and a social aspect and slap the "metaverse" tag on it because it's popular.

To us, the metaverse concept is meant to add layers of experiences and opportunities on top of the real world. Anything you can do in the real world, we want to make possible in the Expanse, and then add a whole slew of other things that can only really be done in VR. That means you should be able to hop into The Expanse and do business, or work, or play games, or watch movies, or order dinner, or fly around in space, explore the universe, etc.

No, you do not need a Metaversol Pass in order to log in and play. Metaversol is free for all to play. However, if you have one, you'll have certain quality of life advantages and opportunities

  • One property stake to claim now for a 10x10 plot of land, or save for later when planets open up.
  • An item pack to construct your first structure (or something bigger if you team up with friends!).
  • Building rights on the only hub world, quite literally the center of the 'verse.
  • Alpha/Beta access to everything in The Expanse.
  • Special Access to Metaversol events, both in-verse and in the real world.
  • A membership to the MxDAO, where we'll look to for help with building out the universe.
  • A designated condo near our supply center, which will be the center of commerce for the entire 'verse.
  • Recall (teleport) to your condo from anywhere in the 'verse.
  • Personal spaceship dock.
  • Additional perks and/or airdrops when new features & worlds are built.

February 2, 2022 What is the Mint Price? 3 SOL.

5,000 Passes will be available to purchase. Pass Tiers and Rarity Bronze Pass: (67.3%). 125 additional placeable items. Silver Pass: (30%). 250 additional placeable items. Gold Pass: (2.5%). 500 additional placeable items. Platinum Pass: (0.2%). 1000 additional placeable items.


Take a screenshot/video of you minting in-game, post it on twitter and tag us for the Metaverse Minter role in Discord!

Website/web link for minting NFTs (including credit card buy option):

Yes, all of the bonuses are additive. For example, if you have 2 Silver Passes you will be able to place 500 additional items, have 2 property stakes, etc.

How to claim: 

You claim lots by navigating in-game, but as this is an alpha, a guide will help you immensely. 


  1. Open this link in a separate tab. If you get a 500 error, refresh and try again. When the site loads, click "Load Map". 
  1. With the map loaded, you'll see claimed squares as red and unclaimed squares as blue. EDIT:  This map has been updated and now shows different colors to represent different wallets that have claimed, but blue still represents unclaimed.
  1. Hover over the plot you want and you'll see coordinates that look like "-441coord, 258coord".  The first number represents the x axis and the second number the y axis.  From left to right the x axis goes from -741 to 629, and the y axis ranges from 708 to -712.  This will be important in Metaversol as you'll be navigating in-game to your destination. 

Signing in:

  1. Go to 
  1. Connect your wallet and wait.  The first time getting in can take a very long time. 5+ min 
  1. When the app loads, you can choose a skin and give yourself a name if you want (as there may be others in the server with you).  Click "Connect". 
  2. Choose a server.  Most people choose Elysium.  Click "Join" (edited) [2:58 PM] How to Claim, continued 

Finding your target area 

  1. Once you enter the server, you start off-map, but very near the left-most square on the map (, close to -741, 198
  1. Before walking or driving anywhere, click L on your keyboard so that you will see the claimed and unclaimed squares.  Now unclaimed is green, unlike the map.
  1. Plan where to go.  Every 3x3 city block is roughly 50 coordinate points.  So if you are headed to the megablock that starts at 59, -342, you will need to pass by approximately 16 city blocks going east and 11 city blocks headed south.
  1. When you clicked L, you also opened a small menu on the right that shows your location, unless you're on map.  Make your way to the closest green or red square (e.g. -741, 198) and you'll see coordinates appear on the menu.  **Note: sometimes they take a moment to update as you're navigating, so it is best to refer to Step 3 and just plan where you're going rather than trying to monitor constantly)
  1. I would recommend that you click Y to activate a car, a Miata in fact, as it will take a long time to walk to your destination.  Be aware that the car handling is... sensitive.
  1. Travel to where you want to claim 


  1. When you get to your destination, if you're in a car, click Y to get out of it.
  1. Stand on the plot you want to claim and ensure the reticule in the middle of the screen is also looking at it.  I'm assuming you've already hit L several steps ago, but if somehow you didn't, do that now.
  1. To claim, just click C.
  1. Move on to your next plot and repeat. (edited) [2:58 PM] 

Troubleshooting Problems: 

Nothing happens when you click C.  Check if one of these may apply to you: 

Issue: You're not in the right mode, such as you didn't hit L to load your wallet info. 

Remedy: Wait patiently 

Issue: It isn't your turn yet and your count of Plots to claim is below the threshold for the tier. 

Remedy: Wait patiently 

Issue: You are out of claims, for real 

Remedy: Buy MOAR! 

Issue: The database thinks you're out of claims, but you actually have more. 

Remedy: Put in a ticket 

Issue: You encountered an occasional bug where the claim has occurred but the UI didn't update. 

Remedy: Use the map to confirm whether your selection went through.  Also, anecdotal evidence indicates you can toggle the car (click Y) on and off and it may refresh properly.

Issue: You are on a red square that has been claimed already. 

Remedy: Doh!

Issue: You are on a green square but your reticule is looking off into the distance. 

Remedy: Focus the reticule on the square you're trying to claim. I'll update the troubleshooting as needed.

Currently 5. The Residential Dome, The Central City Dome, Pirate Dome, Forge Dome, and Hell Dome.

All sorts of fun structures and items. More on this coming soon!

We have a Free and a Paid Premium option for NFT projects, please review and contact us here:

Driving, walking and more!

Yes, we will have a variety of ways for businesses to sell products to customers and much more!

Please contact us here:

Metaversol Credits will have important utility in the Expanse. Soon, players will be able to use credits for building on their staked land!

Each new Pass that is minted will be eligible for a Loyalty token, and we'll be sending those out daily.

Okay, sounds cool, but what do they even do? Good question!

Loyalty tokens reduce the mint cost of any Metaversol-branded product by 1 SOL! This means that if you already have a Metaversol Pass, you can mint an additional pass at 2 SOL, or save it for what we're cooking up in the future!

Members of our team have been in cryptocurrency for years now, working on various blockchain technologies, and we were the team who launched Test Guys, the first large scale mp4 NFT drop on Solana. (Test Guys minted September of 2021)

While we do plan on integrating other blockchains, Solana is our favorite and initial launch platform as it’s eco-friendly, fast, and affordable in transaction fees. You can read more on this here in a separate article we wrote.

A more fair and accessible metaverse project, where everyone can join for free, and our best effort at a reflection of real world communities, businesses, and more!

You can view all the members of our team and their roles/bios at

You can view our Roadmap at