Hello, citizens of Metaversol. We’ll be sending widebeam transmissions from time to time to give you more information about our digital world and provide you with updates about the work our engineers and architects have been doing.

Before we get into the details about the metaverse itself, there are a few things to address. The Metaversol team often gets asked the same questions regarding our mint, so let’s start this transmission with that.

It didn’t sell out???

No, it did not. The whitelist mint for Metaversol Passes took place on February 2. The public mint phase started a day later and is still ongoing. Could have we done things differently? Absolutely. Would have we done things differently if we had the chance? No.

The slow mint was caused by a lack of traditional marketing efforts in the NFT space, and we’re perfectly aware of that. In fact, the lack of traditional marketing was a conscious decision on our part. If you’ve followed us from the very beginning, you know that there were never any invite contests, giveaways, or paid promo of any type.

We never had any intentions of driving hype to our project. Our primary goal has always been to attract a community that wants to build the metaverse with us, and so far we’ve been quite successful in doing that.

Are you cutting the supply? Wen burn?

We’re fully aware that strange things happen in the NFT realm when it comes to funding. Some projects burn a portion of their supply, some even decrease their mint price. We knew exactly how much money we needed to build what we want, so we aren’t going to do either of those things. Ever.

Instead of burning the supply or decreasing the price, we decided to increase the mint price by 0.5 SOL every week. Why? As time passes, more features are released and the value of Metaversol Passes naturally goes up. Don’t forget that the alpha version of The Expanse is very close, anon.

Buidling in Metaversol

Metaversol Pass holders are excited to start building in the Central City Dome. Each pass you hold allows you to claim a piece of land and begin building structures on it. Players will have the option to build in other areas as well. We have a community roadmap channel in our Discord server that our supporters use to exchange ideas about what they’ll build in The Expanse.

metaversol land claims

Our team has been working hard to ensure people have a great experience building in the dome. We’ve recently been testing the system that allows you to claim land in the Central City Dome.

How the dome will end up looking once the alpha version of The Expanse is released is up to the community to decide. Metaversol Pass holders will be able to either build structures by themselves or work in teams. You will also have the option to build anything from small villages to huge skyscrapers.

WTF Are Placeable Items?

Each Metaversol Pass rarity class comes with a certain number of placeable items. Placeable items can include anything from foundations and walls to desks, chairs and potted plants. These items also stack, which means that if you have more than one pass, you’ll have the freedom to decide how many placeable items you want in each plot of land you own.

metaversol passes

For example, if you have 2 bronze passes (each comes with 125 placeable items) that means you have a total of 250 placeable items. You can decide to place 200 items in one plot of land and 50 on the other plot.

Domes on Domes on Domes

The Central City Dome is just one of the domes that will be located in The Expanse. There will also be other significant domes that all serve a specific purpose.

Condos in Metaversol — The Residential Dome

Apart from claiming property in the Central City Dome, each Metaversol Pass holder will get a condo in the Residential Dome as well. The type of condo you get is based on the rarity of your Metaversol Pass. There will be 10 towers in the Residential Dome, each with different types of condos.

The Launchpad Dome

Most of the people who got a Metaversol Pass decided to mint inside the metaverse. This is something that will happen frequently in The Expanse, as we plan to provide launchpad services to a lot of upcoming NFT projects. You’ll find many minting machines in the Launchpad Dome and actually see the NFTs you minted in-game.

in metaverse minting

Solana Autos is an upcoming NFT collection that Metaversol has a partnership with. They chose to do their mint inside our metaverse and players who decide to mint their cars will have a chance to see the cars they minted in The Expanse as soon as they appear in your wallet. That means you can literally mint a car in-game and drive off in it afterwards.

The Metaversol team is fully aware that there are often projects who rugpull in the Solana NFT ecosystem, which is why we take strong measures to ensure the teams that launch their collections in The Expanse are doxxed to us and understand there will be rigorous consequences if they do anything to hurt investors in the NFT space.

The Amusement Park Dome

We want all players to have fun in our metaverse, which is why we’re also constructing the Amusement Park Dome. We won’t talk much about this area, as it’s better for our players to experience it. What we do want you to know is that we believe many players will spend a lot of their time here.

More Plans for Q1

In case you were wondering wen you will be able to explore all of these areas, you’ll be pleased to hear these are our plans for the first quarter. There are also many other things we have planned for Q1 2022.

Randomized Resource System

Resources will be valuable in The Expanse, and they will also be tradeable. Players will have the option to use the resources they find, hold them, or trade them with other players for Metaversol Credits. Credits represent our in-game currency that can be used to buy different items and resources in The Expanse.

We’re building a randomized resource system, which means resources will be scattered throughout the metaverse. The more you explore, the more resources you’ll find. Resources will be generated in random places. In other words, you might never be able to find resources in the same place twice.

Crafting System

We’re developing a robust and unique crafting system that will enable players to create powerful items that will allow them to explore the more dangerous areas of The Expanse. We’d like to share more info on this, but we’ve already said too much. This is something you’ll want to experience for yourself.

End of Transmission

That’s all for the first Metaversol Widebeam Transmission. We’ll make sure to send out a transmission every week or two to keep our citizens informed about what the architects of Metaversol have been doing.