Hello, citizens of Metaversol. A lot has happened since we sent out the first widebeam transmission. We wanted to let you know what you can expect from us before the next widebeam transmission. Today, we’re going to focus on Metaversol Credits, our in-game currency.

We have completed a snapshot of all wallets holding Metaversol Passes and Test Guys on February 28, and began distributing an airdrop today. Both Metaversol Pass and Test Guys holders will receive 10 Metaversol Credits per each NFT they hold.

Metaversol Credits will have important utility in the Expanse. For now, players will be able to use credits for building. Let’s get into how you’ll be able to use your credits when the alpha gets released.

Building Supplies in the Expanse

Metaversol Credits will have a lot of utility in our world, from crafting to skill upgrades. The utility will be gradually increased over time. Initially, the main purpose of credits will be to enable you to begin building in our metaverse.

in metaverse building

When the alpha gets released, the main purpose of Metaversol Credits will be to enable you to buy building supplies. These supplies can range from foundations and walls to desks and lamps.

The value of credits is pegged to USDC 1:1, and one credit gives you several supplies. For instance, you can buy 10 walls with just 1 Metaversol Credit. With that said, 10 credits per pass is a sufficient allowance to enable players to build a lot of cool stuff on their plots.

construction in metaverse

When the Expanse alpha goes live, players will immediately be able to buy Metaversol Credits if they want. All players will have the option to purchase credits and use them to buy supplies, but Metaversol Pass holders will receive a 90% discount whenever they make a purchase with their credits. This means that if you spend your airdrop and want to buy additional 10 walls, it will only cost you an equivalent of 0.1 USDC.

Placeable Items in the Expanse

By now, all Metaversol Pass holders know that there is a defined number of placeable items with every rarity class. The number of placeable items you get with your passes defines how many items you’re able to place on your land. The placeable items stack, meaning that you have the freedom to choose how you’ll distribute them on your land.

Let’s say that you have 2 Metaversol Passes — one silver and one gold. The silver grants you the ability to place 250 items and the gold grants 500 placeable items. That equals to a total of 750 placeable items. You’ll have the option to distribute these items on your two plots of land however you want. For instance, you can place 375 items on each plot or choose any other option that works for you.

Eventually, you’ll be able to sell back any items you don’t want anymore at a reduced rate or exchange them for other items or SOL on platforms like Yawww.

Claiming Land and Lease Tokens

Once the alpha is released you’ll immediately be able to claim land in the Expanse. Once you claim a plot of land, you’ll receive a lease token. Lease tokens will, of course, be tradeable. When you sell your lease token to someone else, they become the owners of the land the token is tied to.

metaverse land claim

The utility of Metaversol Passes will gradually increase over time, and we don’t want to reveal too much as of right now because we’re focusing on building in this transmission. Let’s not forget the utility that’s already established for the passes, including:

  • Special Access to Metaversol events, both in-verse and in the real world.
  • A membership to the MxDAO, where we’ll look to for help with building out the universe.
  • Building rights on the only hub world, quite literally the center of the ‘verse.
  • A designated apartment/condo near our supply center, which will be the center of commerce for the entire ‘verse.
  • Recall (teleport) to your apartment/condo from anywhere in our metaverse.

Players will have the option to keep lease tokens but sell their Metaversol Passes. This way, they keep the land they claimed but lose the benefits of Metaversol Passes. Apart from losing the aforementioned benefits that come with passes, players who decide to only keep their lease tokens will have to pay rent on any items they keep on their land.

End of Transmission

To sum everything up, you can expect to receive Metaversol Credits soon (if you haven’t already). This airdrop will serve as your initial building allowance and will enable you to build a lot of cool stuff in the Expanse. We look forward to seeing what you build!