Your VIP Ticket to The Expanse.

Design and furnish your own virtual condo. Develop your own method of monetization for your plot of land on The Hub. Passes empower holders to build out their exact idea of a metaverse experience.

While not required to join the ‘verse, Passes provide an ever-increasing myriad of quality of life perks. Most of these will become paid options for those not fortunate enough to hold a Pass. Some, however, are exclusive to holders, and there will never be another way to obtain them.

metaverse pass nfts

Metaversol Passes are Available for 3 SOL

4 Tiers. 5000 Passes. Enhance Your Experience.

metaversol bronze nft pass

67.3% Chance of Minting

Equals 125 Placeable Items In-Metaverse

metaversol silver nft pass

30% Chance of Minting

Equals 250 Placeable Items In-Metaverse

metaversol gold nft pass

2.5% Chance of Minting

Equals 500 Placeable Items In-Metaverse

metaversol platinum nft pass

0.2% Chance of Minting

Equals 1000 Placeable Items In-Metaverse

Metaversol Pass PErks

  • A condo near the Mint Street Mall, the center of economy in The Expanse
  • Early access to everything in The Expanse
  • Special Access to Metaversol events, both in-verse and in the real world
  • A membership to the MxDAO: help us govern the 'verse
  • Additional placeable items based on pass tier
  • Recall (teleport) to your condo from anywhere in the 'verse
  • An item pack to construct your first structure