Create the Perfect Art Gallery in the Metaverse

Many different metaverse experiences are now focusing on metaverse art galleries. The most popular art galleries seem to be aimed at users showing their NFT collection. Additionally we see people sharing their own art, which they create, and even non-NFT art, sometimes created in-metaverse. Today we will take a look at some of the pros and cons of the metaverse art galleries of the future. You may also enjoy our sister article to this one, The Future of Art Creation, Art Galleries & Art Sales in the Metaverse – which goes over the whole art industry and not just galleries as we will explore here.

A New World of Metaverse Galleries for NFTS

People have an internal drive to share their investments, especially of course their profitable financial investments. Many see NFTs as a financial investment in a collectible, a piece of art, a stock of sorts in the team and artist behind the NFT. This possibly drives the need and emergence of a recent explosion of metaverse art galleries.

NFTs are a form of art, and have quickly gained legitimacy in many corners of the art industry. With Christies and Sotheby’s as well as other famous art auctions and art galleries embracing NFTS, we are destined to see and hear more about NFTs in the art world in the coming years.

The two most popular blockchains for NFT art galleries are currently Ethereum and Solana. Both blockchains have seen an explosion in NFT gallery metaverse projects, with a varying degree of capability, and few that are multichain (supporting both ETH and SOL), and fewer still that offer true metaverse environments with gaming and all. With so many competing metaverse projects competing for people to show off their NFT collection, it’s hard to say which will end up having a long term and large user base. 

The Best Galleries in the Metaverse

What would you want in a gallery in the metaverse? Multichain support for NFTS? The ability to move and organize them?

The best galleries, in our opinion, will have many of the following features and benefits for users and viewers:

  • An advanced, 3D gallery with large high quality displays of your NFTs or other images
  • The ability to freely move and organize your art in the gallery
  • A way to offer bidding or list your art for sale in your Gallery
  • Cross blockchain, multichain support for Ethereum, Solana, Near and more
  • The ability to show strangers and friends your metaverse gallery
  • An easy way to share your gallery via link or QR code or combination
  • VR & AR capabilities
  • Different lighting, background, and display options for your art
  • Ability to zoom in and see the art in detail
  • If NFT art, the option for users to see the metadata behind the token, and where it lives on the blockchain via an explorer
  • A free option, even if limited, so people can try out your gallery without investing first
  • Mobile gallery view options for Android and iOS devices

What do you see as the future of art galleries in the metaverse? Will you browse, buy, and sell art in the metaverse galleries? We hope you have a wonderful time exploring these opportunities and sharing the beauty of NFT art!