Episode 1

  • Episode 1

    Additions to The HUB's Domes & Companies

    The creation of the Amusement Park Dome, Residential Dome, Launchpad Dome, Central City Dome, Wormhole Exploration Company, and Metaversol Construction Company.

  • Episode 2

    Development of the Randomized Resource and Crafting Systems

    Resource spawns are randomized across the ‘verse. Our intention is to push users to explore every crevice of The Expanse in hopes of finding untold treasure.

  • Episode 3

    Development of the Property Claiming function

    Property claims will function similarly to games like Age of Conan and Rust: players can stake a claim on a plot of land that others are not able to build on or near, unless the owner has allowed that player access.

  • Episode 3

    Development of the Crafting System

    We will partially utilize somewhat traditional recipe systems, and implement unique ways to craft powerful items. These items will enable users to explore more dangerous areas of the ‘verse.

Episode 2

  • Episode 1

    Unlimited Customization

    Projects, businesses, and even users will be able to upload their own custom content to the platform.

  • Episode 2

    3D Content Uploading

    Players, projects, and businesses alike will be empowered to design and upload their own custom content to be used directly in The Expanse.

  • Episode 3

    Development of a Unique Staking System

    All projects have an option for holders to stake their NFTs on the platform. Our team will work closely with projects to develop rewards for staking within the economics and mechanics of The Expanse.

Episode 3

  • Episode 1

    Let The Games Begin

    Skill-based combat, a PvP system complete with seasons, quests and rewards. We aim to take gaming back to when things were new and exciting!

  • Episode 2

    Explore the Unexplored & Fun Experiments

    The team is full of gamers who love to figure out the intricacies and details involved in the games we play. Space travel, dungeon delving, puzzle solving, and special challenges await you in The Expanse.

  • Episode 3

    Pets & Mercenaries Join the Hunt

    Bring your favorite companions with you on your travels and have them assist you in battles. Watch out for mercenaries!

Episode 4

  • Episode 1

    Resort & Casino Implementation

    Projects and Users can offer their favorite casino games directly in their own spaces!

  • Episode 2

    May THE HUB Expand Forever

    Users choose how the Hub grows through a collective ‘verse-wide event! Come together, pool your resources, and select a course that will forever change the history of The Expanse.