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A pioneer in the video game and world-building industry with over a decade of experience in development. Enjoys bringing functional VR & AR experiences to the masses. Dedicated to the creation of authentic virtual communities, Charles is currently bringing life to an entirely new kind of reality inside The Expanse of Metaversol.

Seth Peterson metaverse team member


A jack-of-all-trades, wearing many hats behind-the-scenes of Metaversol. A storyteller. A world builder. Typically preferring to stay out of the spotlight, he has emerged to provide the voice for what many consider to be the truest iteration of the metaverse.

metaversal team member Ed


A gamer and crypto/metaverse enthusiast. He is a master of consumer relations and building bridges to partnerships in the Expanse.

Justin Murray

Lover of open source technologies, web-based applications, and keeping up with the ever-changing world. Web developer/designer and writer of all things Solana. DeFi, NFT and Metaverse.

Jordan Blake

Admirer of all aspects of gaming, creating digital experiences to last. Game developer and designer working behind the scenes to help build upon the immense levels of creativity within the world of Metaversol.

tribixbite (Will Stone)

Solutions architect passionate about the intersection between virtual//real. Rapid prototyper, TypeScript developer, startup strategist. Advising early-stage crypto ventures since 2012. Datahoarder, IoT enthusiast, & sci-fi junkie who plays Beat Saber & open-world RPGs in his free time.

metaverse team member Andrés

Andrés Minaya

Game development professional who is always eager to learn and experience new things, no matter how difficult they may seem. Currently working on the development of Metaversol's web demos.

metaversol team member smurgel

00Smurf (Nicholas)

Expert in Business Relations/Partnerships and Community Outreach for the Expanse. Passionate about building the future of metaverse with Metaversol. Crypto Enthusiast since 2013 and a long time game enthusiast.

metaversol team member penguin


Writer, talker and community manager who loves creating connections in the Expanse. Moved from ETH maxi, to SOL maxi, to blockchain agnostic; a rising tide raises all ships. I enjoy learning from everyone I meet while fighting FUD along the way.

Gabriel Sierra Picón

Passionate about video games from a very early age. As a Technical Artist I bridge the realm of programming, with digital art, to create the most immersive experiences. Dedicating a lifetime to creating video games is only half the fun!

metaverse team member chris


A full-time content creator by night having hit partner on his Twitch stream in January, Pred has been harnessing the power of Unity to customize his chaotic horror Twitch stream with his girlfriend for years now. On the design side of things, he's been building worlds since the DOS days, always maintaining the passion to create something amazing. Working on the Metaverse has been a lifetime in the making, and this is only the beginning. Keep an eye out for Metaversol dev streams coming soon!

metaverse team member Denny


Anonymous (We allow employees and team members to no "dox" and stay private if they wish. The web3 way.)

metaverse team member amit


Web3 Developer. Ambitious and innovative. Loves taking on difficult challenges. Crypto enthusiast, part time gamer and full time developer.

metarverse builders - metaversol team smurf


Hacker, builder, rustacean. Eager to learn about new technologies and build with them. Part of the crypto community since 2016, believer and contributor of open-source projects. Enjoys solving complex problems, and bringing ideas to life using mostly (but not exclusively) the Rust programming language.