The Future of Concerts & Music in the Metaverse

Everyone loves a good live music show. The lights, the sounds, the feeling of being so close to the artists you’ve listened to a hundred times before… it all adds up to a very magical and memorable concert experience. But what about live music in the metaverse? What’s the future of concerts and music artists engaging the fans in new ways in the metaverse? How can new music artists gain a foothold in a decentralized and likely global audience? Let’s explore this sound opportunity together!

Your First Virtual Concert in the Metaverse

Picture this scenario… you startup your computer or phone and join your favorite metaverse, or perhaps you strap on your VR headset to join, either way you’re in the metaverse. Next, you walk to the concert venue, and your ticket is an NFT, verified in your connected Phantom or other crypto wallet. A huge benefit has already occurred, with NFT tickets allowing us to remove centralized services like ticketmaster, and also independently verify the ticket is real and not fraudulent via the blockchain. Finally the time is here, the concert opening acts are about to start, and we all have front row seats. Yes, all of us in the front row. Because in the metaverse space is dynamic, and your view can be unobstructed and as close as what seems to be feet away from the musicians and singers. 

Live Music Entertainment in Metaverse Bars, Clubs, and More

Concerts aren’t the only metaverse opportunity to enjoy live music. Some metaverse projects already have and/or are planning bars, clubs and entertainment outside of traditional concert venues. It only makes sense to mirror real life environments in the metaverse, including entertainment with live music. Will we see live karaoke in the metaverse? Will new bands have breakout performances in the metaverse that can be recorded and replayed? Will these bands be tipped instantly by fans with cryptocurrency? All of these are wonderful opportunities for both music fans and entertainers.

Creating & Engineering Songs & Music in Metaverse Studios

We may also eventually see live music creation in the first in-metaverse studios. Imagine watching and listening as your favorite artists create new songs and music. We have also seen innovative music collaborative NFT projects like Pixel Bands. Will musicians integrate audio from metaverse crowds? Or what about inviting a metaverse participant to choose a beat or musical accent used in song creation? The potential is limitless and very exciting!

The Best Audio Setups for Metaverse Music

One thing to keep in mind when getting involved in the emerging metaverse music scene is sound quality and loudness. While playing and sharing high fidelity music files should not be a problem, hearing them at the highest quality possible may be. This is where a top notch pair of headphones for your computer or laptop, or a set of speakers that plug into your computer sound card. You may even want to upgrade your sound card in your computer if it’s outdated or lacking. For most, a good pair of headphones is probably the best. If you’re using a VR headset like Oculus for your metaverse experience, then you may want to use external speakers or look into some of the customizations that can be done with aftermarket speakers. Let’s also assume that Oculus and other VR headsets will have increased speaker quality or addons in the future. 

NFT Music in the Metaverse

We can’t write an article about music in the metaverse without diving deeper into NFTs. Of course as mentioned above NFT tickets are one way that they can help reduce fraud in ticketing and more. But what about NFT music files, royalty sharing of music NFTs, and more? Who owns music created in the metaverse? Can members of a community own a piece of the action?

Some of those questions have already been explored in the NFT world. For example, we have famous rapper NAS offering NFT music stream profit sharing from his latest hits “Rare” and “Ultra Black” This NFT drop could have easily taken place in the metaverse, with perhaps a more fun and immersive experience than a standard website mint. The details for “Rare” were…

Three tiers of tokens were available to buy, offering different levels of ownership. 1110 tokens for ‘Rare’ (which was originally released as part of 2021’s ‘King’s Disease II’) were made available.‘Rare’ tiers: 

  • Gold: 0.0113% streaming royalty ownership for $99
  • Platinum: 0.0658% streaming royalty ownership for $499
  • Diamond: 1.5789% streaming royalty ownership for $9999

They sold out instantly and are now available on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Now imagine if a virtual Nas avatar was handing them out or MCing the whole affair in the metaverse. It would have been just that much more special and memorable.

nas music royalty sharing nfts

Selling & Buying Music in the Metaverse

What about the direct selling music in the metaverse? Besides profit sharing on a transparent, independently verifiable blockchain, with profits automatically going into crypto wallets, musicians may also directly sell their music files to fans. Imagine exclusive songs heard first in the metaverse, that you can then download to an advanced audio sharing program like Audius. Imagine independent artists being able to cut out the waste of physical CDs and middlemen of record labels, and creating and sharing their music with in-metaverse music labels. In this new music label model, fans could tour the metaverse studio, watch music being created, and then buy exclusive rights to the first listen, or possibly a share in the future streaming profits.

Overall, we’re very excited about the opportunities that metaverse music creates for both musicians and listeners alike. We’ve only skimmed the surface of the potential of the metaverse and audio future. Stay tuned for more updates on the concert and entertainment future of metaverse projects like Metaversol! This is what we do and what we love to explore!