The Future of Jobs & Working in the Metaverse

The metaverse is a wide open opportunity for all different facets of real world life to shine through in a multitude of ways. One of the most hyped and exciting reflections is being able to work in the metaverse and get paid (likely in cryptocurrency tokens/coins) During the recent pandemic, we saw many people in countries like the Phillipines take advantage of earning mechanisms in blockchain games such as Axie Infinity. It only makes sense that if people use video games for education, for entertainment, why not also employment?

Who’s Hiring in the Metaverse? Potential Metaverse Employers!

This is not a question you hear everyday, but will likely become more common over time. This doesn’t just mean those who are building the metaverse, but those who are creating, and those who are doing a form of virtual labor. Let’s explore what types of companies and roles will be available in the metaverse…

  1. Companies that need developers and designers. The metaverse isn’t going to build itself, and it certainly isn’t going to look beautiful like the real world until top notch 3D and 2D designers get on board. This means metaverse companies, businesses that offer services or storefronts in the metaverse will all need developers to bring in new features and functions, and designers to make their metaverse and metaverse products look appealing to the metaverse public. Alternatively, individual people may want a custom avatar designed, or custom metaverse clothing and other items to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Service companies that need employees. Just like in a regular store or restaurant, or even an entertainment venue, the metaverse service-based businesses will need employees to connect people, help with any issues, and moderate/provide security of some sense. It’s a whole new world out there, and someone will need to explain and sell the people who aren’t technical savvy.
  3. Games that are play-to-earn. People love playing video games. People also love earning money. Combine the two in the metaverse, and we have a global employment opportunity valued in the billions of dollars. Both aspects of earning money and playing games can be addictive and fun. We think this is one of the largest opportunities for employment of sorts. Remember though, this is likely not going to be a stable source of income, and dependent on game mechanics, skill at playing the game, number of players and more. Invest your time responsibly friends, and let the games begin!
  4. The Audience of metaverse inhabitants and users. What does this mean? It means entertainment, like performers of music, dance and amazing feats of the metaverse can possibly court large audiences and/or donations, just like street performers in real life. This could also mean independent providers of education, religion (think metaverse churches), advisors, and more!

What else do you think will become a popular job in the metaverse? Will you build a company that hires in the metaverse? 

Let us know your thoughts and tag us on twitter or share in our Discord, as we would love to share and help you grow!